top loaders carton packaging tray/ case erectors stackers & more
Company Profile

LIAD ENGINEERING is a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of automatic systems concentrating its activity in the area оf packaging systems and  handling machines. The company is based on a team of engineers whospecialize in automation and have been working in this field since 1977


LIAD ENGINEERING has wide engineering capabilities in mechanical pneumatic and hydraulic systems design , electronic and electric planning.  

The company employs mechanical , electrical engineers and technicians , and has  wide marketing and engineering capabilities to sell and carry out installations of  mechanical , electric , pneumatic and hydraulic systems.


LIAD ENGINEERING manufactures and installs projects in the food , pharmaceutical , chemical as well as metal industries .

Among the systems that the company has developed and

manufactured are special purpose machines , packaging machines ,carton erectors , tray / case stackers and close loop servo systems.


Most of the machines are controlled and activated by electric and pneumatic actuators while using electronic controllers ( P.L.C.& Servo) further  more LIAD ENGINEERING has the knowledge and experience dealing with systems that are manufactured from stainless steel 

      The main systems LIAD ENGINEERING is manufacturing are packaging for  products filled and sealed in plastic containers, pauchase & other different products that are packed in plastic boxes, carton trays/cases or wrap around cartons.


Those are systems combined with the filing machines and constitute a full automatic packing line.                                                                                        

Beside of the production activity LIAD ENGINEERING is offering consulting and designing services for fully integrated filling & packaging lines 

The company has the ability to offer solutions in a wide range of filling& packing issues for a large sort of products.

Leading food companies as Nestle, Unilever, Danon-Strauss, Coca-Cola, Tnuva & Carlsberg are part of LIAD's customers.


The extensive knowledge of the food industry , and the wide range of technical experience that the company holds does greatly assist the marketing ,consulting and the selling  activities and enables to give technical back - up , installation  and after sales services on the highest level.